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 Color squares for the shower - Decorating Idea
Large blue and yellow green squares of polyester fabric, which play off the room's dominant hues, are sewn together in a giant quilt block

 Snowflake quilt
Crisp white snowflakes on a quilted pink ground beckon you to snuggle in for winter's duration.

 Holiday projects teach cultural lessons and sewing skills
DURING THE MONTH OF December, people of different religions and cultural backgrounds all spend time with family or friends. Whether students observe Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa,

 Computerized Sewing Machines at Their Best
Sewing is not just for making clothes at home. It is a life skill that can provide a rewarding career in fashion design, textile art, pattern drafting, home-based business or as a teacher and sewing instructor.

 Computerized Sewing: A Personalized Comfy Pillow
To complete this project, you will need a Brother embroidery machine and their PE-Design embroidery design software.

Here's a fun way to recycle old jeans and handkerchiefs into something useful. Students make a pants back hip pocket from old handkerchiefs.

 Old Denim Pockets Sewing project
2 back pockets from an old pair of jeans, 2 sequired and beaded appliques 1 yard of laux-gold chain, 1 circle of double-sided Velcro...

 Designing Great-looking Window Coverings on a Budget
Window coverings are one of the most important focal points in a well-decorated room, but choosing the right ones, at the right price, is a prime consideration for most home decorators.

 Funny Couples Costume Ideas For Halloween
Tired of the same old typical Halloween costumes. You know the ones….vampire, witch, or mummy. It also seems that everyone just “has” to wear the latest movie craze costume as well, like a Batman Begins costume. Maybe it’s time to come up with a more unique and funny Halloween costume…just to be different.

 Duvet Covers Are Easy to Make Yourself
Read how versatile duvet covers can be, and better yet, how you can save money by making one yourself.

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